Art Lab Studios and Gallery is a co-operatively run public venue by the founding and resident artists, which provides studio and exhibition space for the Resident Artists, a curated gallery space for Associate Member artists, and educational opportunities in the visual arts for school students, the general public, and established artists.

General Public

You don't have to be a member to enjoy the offerings at Art Lab. Just drop by! But if you'd like to be more involved, consider becoming a member.
Opening of 10 Days in October exhibition

Associate Membership

Art Lab Studios and Gallery
The co-op building, located at 121 Main St., Parrsboro, includes a 1200 square foot studio/gallery area; 450 square foot workroom for messy media; 400 square foot community gallery/ workspace; washrooms; storage; large parking lot; incredible view of the Minas Basin.

Associate Membership 

Associate Membership is available to all, whether an artist or supporter of the arts. Membership has advantages.

1.    By becoming an Associate Member you are supporting the development of art and artists in our region and the mandate of Art Lab.
2.    Associate Members will be able to exhibit their work in the Art Lab Community Gallery. Exhibitions will be curated.  Members have the opportunity to exhibit in a one, two or three week exhibition per year. Exhibitions may be solo or group exhibitions, at the discretion of Art Lab. Members may offer their work for sale, with 20% commission to Art Lab. The member is not responsible to sit at the gallery during the show unless he/she wishes. Art Lab will handle all sales.
3.    Members will have a one-week preferential lead-time to register on all announced courses.
4.    Members have access to community-dedicated equipment, supplies not included.
5.    Member artists will be able to utilize our community studio space by appointment and availability, allowing them to work in the creative atmosphere that is Art Lab, to a maximum of 12 hours per week.
6.   Members will have free admission to any After Hours Sessions and private functions.
7.   Members will have the opportunity to sell their work, (art, craft or baked goods, preserves, etc) at a four day sale prior to Christmas. Space will be limited so reserving a spot early is recommended. There will be no charge for a table and no commission fee will be taken. All sales will be handled by Art Lab, so you won’t even have to mind your table during the four days.  

Annual membership is $40. (Please make cheques payable to one of the Resident Artists: Michael Fuller, Jill Langford, Krista Levy Odlin, or Krista Wells.) Membership runs from mid-May to mid-May. Art Lab will be closed from late December to the end of April.
Occasionally Art Lab accepts artists in residence, for more information or to apply please contact one of the Resident Artists.
Associate Membership Registration Information      Membership period runs from May to May

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Keep up to date by following
For more information or to apply, please contact Krista Wells, 902-254-2972 or