our WORK

Here's a taste of the work of the five Resident Artists. If you want to see more, you'll have to come by for a visit!

Paintings by Michael Fuller reflecting on our place in the world

Fabric designs by  Krista Levy Odlin

a selection of bags

"Yoga Frog"
fabric and buttons

ink on paper
Jill Langford
acrylic on canvas
Krista Wells

"Stubby Vase"
local clay and texture
Janet Doble

small sculptures in polymer clay by Krista Wells

a selection of work (ink on paper) by Jill Langford

"Cedar Tree Vase"
local clay
Janet Doble
button bracelet by Krista Levy Odlin
clay wall piece by Janet Doble

a selection of work (acrylic on canvas) by Michael Fuller
"Eos - Goddess of Sunrise"
ink on paper
Jill Langford
painted clay tiles by Janet Doble

"Purple Heron"
hand made polymer clay tile
Krista Wells