Current hours: We are open Tuesday to Sunday, 10a.m.to 5 p.m. This year, for safety reasons, we will be closed to the general public during workshop hours. (See the WORKSHOP page for dates and times.)

During the summer, normally we would be open every day, but this year, with COVID, we're sticking to the above schedule for now. Occasionally life can get in the way so sometimes we may fail. For this we apologize.

Spring and fall hours are somewhat reduced. We close in the winter, roughly from late December to early May.

When we officially close for the winter we can open specifically if you have an urgent desire to get something. Drop us a note or call to make an appointment. Also, some of us will be in working from time to time. If you come by and see lights on, feel free to drop in. But wear a sweater. And maybe a toque.

Art Lab may be open at other times as well, including for workshops, by chance or appointment.

Call Michael or Krista (Wells) at 902-254-2972 (home number) or e-mail info@artlabstudios.ca for more information. Art Lab doesn't have a phone, but if Michael or Krista is at Art Lab, the phone message will be received via the internet.