The goal of Art Lab is fourfold:

1. to provide working studios for a group of artists in a supportive and collaborative atmosphere
Krista Wells at work

a view of Jill's and Michael's studio areas

Krista Levy Odlin toiling away

2. to provide retail opportunities for those artists

The retail space and working space flow from one to the other quite seamlessly.

Folks really enjoy chatting with the artists about the work.

3. to create a vibrant and welcoming venue for anyone interested in learning various
    art and craft forms through workshops, demonstrations, weekly classes, and
    general interaction with working artists

Workshops take place in what we affectionately call "the dirty room",
but it's not always dirty!

The workshop room has lots of space.

4. to establish an exhibition space for work by guest artists

The Community Gallery,
where all Associate Members are
welcome to exhibit their work